While in college I married and a son was born. I went to school and worked full time for Longs Drugs Stores.
The month after graduation, majoring in Marketing and Retailing, I was promoted into management. My career lasted eleven years achieving store  manager level.

After leaving Longs I started a nation Christmas Decor manufacturing business with my father. During the recession in the early nineties we converted our business to a custom screen printing company.

My father retired six years later and I again took the business  to national level. The named changed and I worked with many government agencies and domestic & international corporations. I eventually sold the printing business and started a wholesale supply company.

I always had a propensity for inventing. When I invented thermo-hemming I went to night school for two and a half years learning design, electronics and machining. I built a thermo-hemming machine which I licensed to a global company. Now they have 2 of my machines and 14 other additional tools and accessories. I building a third machine and continuing inventing with consumer products.

In addition I retired and starting the next career as an author.

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...My life...just the facts. Self employment, inventing, learning as I went.
...If you want the real dirt, read Life Check -A Human Journey.