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The lazy San Diego Detective, Jake Smith is in charge of the investigation.  His life is spiraling out of control both professionally and personally.
Copyright (c) 2017 HD Whalen  All Rights Reserved 
Many chapters are funny and others amazing. I spent a summer hitchhiking the West Coast. I've been in juvenile hall, jail and a mental ward.

The rural Arkansas farmland night is ablaze with flickering light from the fully engulfed burning country home.  Two, charred beyond recognition, bodies, an adult male, and a baby girl are found beneath the heaps of rubble.

Jake Smith has joined the Fayetteville Police department as a rookie patrolman after he was forced off the San Diego Department from his senior detective position.

This could be his chance back up the ladder to detective. Without seniority and no friends the local  department politics are beyond his control.
...Take some time for yourself. Relax and read a book! Reading stimulates your senses.   
...Characters come to life. Scenes unfold and visualize across your mind.
Jake Smith has moved to
Fayetteville, AR, to start his
life and career over as a
Patrol Officer, after his firing
from the San Diego PD.